Shop for vintage clothing online

Shopping for vintage clothing online .. some helpful hints and tips from an expert.

Written by Guest Blogger
Lisa Enright, Owner of Atomic Martini Vintage


Lisa Enright - Atomic Martini Vintage

Lisa Enright – Atomic Martini Vintage


To bid or not to bid – is that the question?

Buying clothes can be a maze of sizes, cuts, colours and fabric. Buying vintage clothes can turn that maze into a labyrinth. Buying clothes online adds booby-traps to the maze. Buying vintage clothes online and you step into a minefield!

Atomic Martini Vintage

*image Atomic martini Vintage


Here are a few key things that most of us who have bought and sold vintage online agree are good tips!

1)     Purchase from a reputable professional seller.

2)     Know your measurements (in inches & centimeters). This may sound simple but lots of us get it wrong. The easiest way to know if a garment will fit you is to measure an item that you have in a similar style (make sure it is not made of stretch fabric). Turn your garment inside out and measure from seam to seam. Then get a friend to measure your body; shoulder width, bust, waist, hips and if you are like me and a little “pear-shaped”, the widest part of your thighs.

sew it love it



3)    NEVER go by “fits a modern size 10” or “size medium”, etc. – if the seller has not provided measurements, then ask. Be specific about what you wish to know – e.g. width across shoulders from seam to seam, width of sleeve, etc. If you are still not certain ask the seller to turn the garment inside out, lay a tape measure across it and send you a photograph.

4)     Don’t impulse buy. Do your homework – check around for items similar to the thing that you are looking at. You never know what you might find.

5)     Check the description carefully before you buy, including the return policy. Contact the seller immediately if the item is not as described – most sellers are keen to sort out any issues.

Atomic Martini Vintage


6)     Remember, nothing really replaces the feeling and fun of going into a shop, talking with a knowledgeable professional and playing dress-ups!

©Copyright Lisa Enright 2015

Thank you to Lisa from Atomic Martini Vintage.

Lisa is a respected store owner and vintage clothes seller.
She’s is a wealth of knowledge and her expertise on the subject of Vintage Clothing is phenomenal. Lisa recently closed her Clayfield store and can now be found at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre

Atomic Martini Vintage

*image Atomic Martini Vintage

Atomic martini Vintage

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Mr Ed’s Victorian Emporium – WW2, Victorian & Steampunk Clothing

The Countryphiles - Mr Ed's Victorian

image: the countryphiles

Mr Ed’s Victorian Emporium

True vintage clothing and accessories from the Victorian to WW2 eras, some 50’s and 60’s too. Quality fabrics and classic designs. Military, steampunk themes.. .

Written by Guest Blogger
Danielle from the  ‘The Countryphiles’

“I’m not sure that I’ve ever been somewhere that feels so immediately intriguing & enveloping as Mr Ed’s Victorian Emporium, located in Central Victoria’s vibrant little hamlet Trentham. After dodging and weaving petticoats and knickerbockers pegged on a rope strung between two verandah posts, I knock upon the barn door of what was formerly an old High Street butcher shop.

I could not have imagined what was waiting behind the barn door if I tried!

The Countryphiles - Mr Ed's Victorian image: the countryphiles

An instant sense of warmth radiates from rich vintage timbers that line the walls. Overhead, rustic metal hanging rails (from which bodies of beef, lamb and pig once hung) are adorned with outfits of a by-gone era. Underfoot, a delightfully cheerful floral linoleum peps up the vibe. Meanwhile, furs, leather lace-up shoes, bits & bobs and jewels are all a-twinkle. So many MAGICAL things in such an intimate space! But, perhaps more than the WONDER of the store’s wares, is the delightfully connected conversation I had with Mr Ed’s Victorian Emporium’s PASSIONATE, grounded and welcoming owner Cate Evans.

The Countryphiles - Mr Ed's Victorian image: the countryphiles

Cate and I found ourselves chatting about all manner of things from soul food, honesty and authenticity to what it takes to follow your heart and live your dreams. It was great to see how Cate lives by these inspiring ethical qualities and how they’re echoed in her store & its wares.

Cate finds, mends and brings new life to old treasures – from dresses to naval outfits, from leather shoes to hat-pins, from furs to paper dolls, from feather boas to biscuit tins. Cate’s delightful store pays homage to the skill, care, quality and attention to detail of yesteryear’s tailors, seamstresses, jewellers and cobblers.”

Read Danielle’s Interview with Cate & her amazing Emporium 
The Country Files – Mr Ed’s Victorian Emporium

The Countryphiles - Mr Ed's Victorian

image: the countryphiles

Mr Ed’s Victorian Emporium

True vintage clothing and accessories from the Victorian to WW2 eras, some 50’s and 60’s too. Quality fabrics and classic designs. Military, steampunk themes.

Trentham, Victoria
Friday – Sunday   10am – 5pm
public holidays 10am – 5pm
0438 351 299

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dansk vintage – Danish mid-century modern furniture


Dansk Vintage


dansk vintage

Brisbane’s leading Danish mid-century modern furniture business. With over 25 years of experience in authentic Danish modern and iconic design classics.

When looking to buy a quality piece of Danish vintage furniture, how do we know we are buying an authentic item and what should we look for? To find out some answers we speak to Christina, the owner of DANSK VINTAGE, whom have been accepted as associate members of the QADA – Queensland Antique Dealers Association.

Dansk Vintage Mid Century


VSA: Christina, How long have you been a buyer and seller of Danish Vintage furniture?

Christina: dansk vintage started a little over 4 years ago in April 2010. Initially wholesaling through auction, and launched the retail business in September 2011, with the idea that we could offer a range of quality vintage and antique Danish furniture pieces to suit all price ranges; from affordable to higher end. However my husband, who is the other partner of dansk vintage, has been collecting and selling ever since he was a teenager. It is in his blood! He has decades of experience in the antique/vintage world in both Denmark and Australia.

Dansk Vintage Mid Century Furniture

VSA: What is it you most like about the Danish style in particular?

Christina: It is beauty in simplicity. The clean classic lines that along with the excellence in cratfsmanship and functionality make Danish vintage furniture so timeless you would think it was designed only yesterday if it wasn’t for the patina which for us makes the pieces beautiful and desirable because of their age. It is furniture that has lasted a lifetime, and is ready to last another, and yet another…

Dansk Vintage Mid Century

Dansk Vintage Mid Century Furniture


VSA: Who is your favourite Danish designer, & why?

Christina: There are so many it is hard to pick only one, so I have to pick two. Poul Kjaerholm is an icon. He made some of the most pared down and deconstructed timeless designs. The other being Hans J. Wegner who designed some of the 20th century’s most recognisable pieces.

 Dansk Vintage Mid Century Hans J. Wegner

Dansk Vintage Mid Century Hans J. Wegner

VSA: Do you embrace Danish culture into your home life ?

Christina: Being born and raised in Denmark, naturally I live the Danish culture. It is in my blood. Besides speaking Danish with my husband and our 3 young boys, making an effort as a bilingual family, we live amongst mostly Danish pieces of furniture and original art collected and inherited over the years, occasionally still adding new pieces to our collection. We listen to Danish music and watch Danish movies. Yes we welcome the Danish culture in our house and celebrate multiculture.

Dansk Vintage Mid Century Furniture

Dansk Vintage Mid Century

VSA: What are your two favourite era’s in Danish Design and why?

Christina: The period 1900-1920 is very interesting to me as this is a precursor to all that came later in modern Danish design. There were a few influential Danish designers, Kaare Klint being the most notable whose designs became a reference point for the later famous 50s-60s modernist/architect designers: clean pure lines, simplicity, function and excellence in craftsmanship.

Dansk Vintage Mid Century Furniture


VSA:  What makes your store stand out from other dealers?

Christina: Besides that our items are Danish selected pieces, again I will refer you back to the simplicity and clean lines. No clutter is covering our pieces. Just spaces that display the furniture on simple clean backgrounds and make them shine. A beautiful piece should in our opinion be able to sell itself by showing exactly what it is and how it functions. Often less is more!

Dansk Vintage Mid Century Furniture

Dansk Vintage Midcentury Furniture

VSA:  Is it only furniture that you sell or do you sell other items ?

Christina: Yes we sell pieces of Danish art and accessories to complement the style. For example paintings, glass, ceramics, rugs, wooden pieces and Danish design pieces like designer kitchenalia and generally quirky pieces that are just nice to have in any home. We like to blend antique and vintage smalls in a ‘bohemian’ style. There are no rules, just feature objects that appeal to us.

Dansk Vintage Mid Century

Dansk Vintage Mid Century Furniture

VSA: Are all of your furniture pieces restored or are some in the original vintage condition?

Christina: All our pieces are restored by my husband if the condition they arrive in calls for it. Some pieces we buy are in such excellent condition we don’t need to restore only clean. Upholstery is also a priority if needed. The upholstery jobs are being done by a long established and very experienced upholsterer. We rarely come across customers who request unrestored pieces, but if they do they can of course get that. Some customers order pieces to be restored, but not reupholstered as they wish to carry out that part themselves. Any wish is possible. Our restoration can be characterised as sympathetic.

Dansk Vintage Mid Century


VSA: When looking to buy authentic Danish vintage furniture, what are some of the things we should look for ?

Christina: A maker’s mark indicates the origin of the piece. Often the designer and possibly a production number are also good indicators of authenticy. However not all pieces are marked and some may have lost their marks, but a knowledgable and reputable dealer should know and recognize if it is Danish or not. We know for a fact that our items originate from Denmark, because we buy them there and export to Australia. If a piece has ‘lived’ in Denmark, but is made in say Germany or Sweden, we will always write it in the description of the piece.

Dansk Vintage Mid Century Makers Mark

VSA: What tips can you give us to care for our vintage furniture items?

Christina: Of the furniture products available in Australia most good quality timber potions and lotions applied as per the manufacturer’s instructions will generally give you a good result. Treat your pieces with the respect you would show your grand parents after all they’re getting on. Hopefully they can be passed on to the next generation. They are not making any more of it and this epoch is as important as any. Individual pieces have individual needs and if in doubt ask a good restorer.

Dansk Vintage Mid Century

VSA:  You sell from a number of venues. Where can we find you?

Christina: Our website is the best place to start as most of our furniture items and accessories are listed. Some items are available for sale online and through our warehouse, others are on display in our shop in Woolloongabba Antique Centre, in Brisbane


Dansk Vintage  Mid Century Furniture

If you are a web shopper and you find your piece is on shop display, please contact the centre for availability before contacting us. We are happy to advise on freight Australia wide and regularly sell interstate. Our warehouse is open anytime by appointment.

“Facebook and are our most important social media platforms where we regularly do updates in particular about new container arrivals from Denmark.

Christina, thank you so much for sharing your years of experience and knowledge.

med venlig hilsen ( best regards )

Tania and the team at Vintage Shops Australia

Dansk – means  ” Danish ” in Danish

Visit their warehouse ( anytime by appointment  )

37 Dora St, Moorooka
[email protected]
0411 297 236
[email protected]

All images are copy right under the care of Vintage Shops property of “dansk” vintage


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10 Vintage Photographs, holidays at the Gold Coast in the 1960’s & 70’s

Holidays at the Gold Coast in the 1960s and 70s, what a great place to be!

image source

image source

 image source: islandcontinent

The idea of a holiday at the Gold Coast in the 60s and 70s appealed to so many Australian families, offering a variety of accommodation for variable budgets.

You may have holidayed in a glitzy motel, one of those ubiquitous U shaped apartments clustered around a large in ground swimming pool on the glitzy Surfers Paradise strip. Or maybe a preference for something more sun & surf in a typical fibro beach shack, stacked to the brim with surfboards, frisbee’s and every beach game known to man. Another Australian favourite was the reliable vintage caravan loaded with enough food to last for a month, deck chairs set up with your own little outdoor utopia or simply packing the car with the large family tent, camping right next to the beach- no wonder the coast was so popular.

Why is it called the Gold Coast?
In the post second world war real estate boom, Brisbane referred to the ‘South Coast’ as the “Gold Coast”. This name was officially taken up in in late 1958 and the then documented by the Queensland government in 1959. Initially explored by timber getters, it was subsequently settled by cattle stations which later evolved into dairy and mixed farming, and by the start of the twentieth century to become a vacation destination.

Whilst the coast was given its label the “Gold” Coast because of the real estate boom it also referred to this because of its  glorious golden white beaches and fine sunny weather.

10 Vintage Photographs; holidays on the Gold Coast in the 1960’s & 70’s

Crowded beach at Surfers Paradise ca. 1960  Image via The State Archives, Queensland

Crowded beach at Surfers Paradise ca. 1

1.  Crowded beach at Surfers Paradise, ca. 1960
Image via State Archives – Libary of Queensland

Old Style Images El Dorado Motel

Old Style Images El Dorado Motel – Image via Snodge’s subjective travel blog

 2. Gold Coast Apartment holiday accommodation ca. early 60’s
Image via Snodge’s subjective travel blog

Meter Maids Gold Coast

Meter Maids Gold Coast Image via Bondi Jack2017 Blogger

 3. Meter Maids – Surfers Paradise    Image via BondiJack2017


Gold Coast 60's 70's

Gold Coast 60’s 70’s Image by Have-you-seen-the-old-Gold-Coast

4. Surf School , Surfers Paradise   
Image by: Have-you-seen-the-old-Gold-Coast

Surfers Paradise 1970's Image by Alistair Paterson

Surfers Paradise 1970’s Image by Alistair Paterson

5. Surfers Paradise 1970’s   Image by  Alistair Paterson


Florida Car-O-Tel Caravan Park, Redondo Avenue, Miami, August 1960

Image via The State Archives, Queensland

 6. Caravan Park, Redondo Avenue, Miami, August 1960
Image via State Archives – Libary of Queensland

Gold Coast 1960's 1970's

Gold Coast 1960’s 1970’s Image by Gold Coast.Memories.Reunions

 7.  Post Card from the Gold Coast   Image by GoldCoast.Memories.Reunions

Bombora Holiday Lodge at Coolangatta Gold Coast in 1970

Bombora Holiday Lodge at Coolangatta Gold Coast in 1970

8. Bombora Holiday Lodge at Coolangatta, Gold Coast in 1970


Gold Coast spray tanning  circa 1951

Gold Coast spray tanning circa 1951Photographer Unknown “Image courtesy of City of Gold Coast Local Studies Library”

 9. John Paterson – The Mutton Bird Man, spray tanning a young woman on Surfers Paradise Beach, Queensland, Photographer unknown

Image: Courtesy of City of Gold Coast Local Studies Library


Gold Coast 50's 60's 70's

Image source: Have you seen the old Gold Coast

10. Beach umbrellas ruled Beach at Greenmount, Coollongagtta
Image by: Have-you-seen-the-old-Gold-Coast

If you’re interested in historical photographs of the Gold Coast, there’s a wonderful book published by  Graham Burstow called Flesh the Gold Coast in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Graham is a life member and Patron of the Toowoomba Photographic Society, here you will find some amazing nostalgic photography.  For more details visit

Useful links


What would your holiday be without a touch of holiday shopping!
If you’re lucky enough to be at the Gold Coast looking for a vintage shopping fix, check out our list of Vintage, Antique and Retro shops to find vintage Clothing, furniture and other vintage related services ..

Gold Coast Vintage, Antique & Retro Shops

Happy Shopping x

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Win a copy of Vintage Made Magazine – Issue 4 + One Years Subscription

A great opportunity to win a copy of Australia’s Vintage Magazine “Vintage Made” and One years subscription

Vintage Shops Australia & Artwear Publications {the publishers of Vintage Made Magazine} are giving away a copy of Vintage Made Issue 4 + One Years subscription.

vintage made magazine


1. Like Artwear Publications  {the publishers of Vintage Made Magazine}
2. SHARE our competition with your friends ..
3. EMAIL  us for permission to contact the winner.

EMAIL address: [email protected]

Drawn Tuesday January 13th 2015
Winners notified directly by their email address supplied.
For Australian & New Zealand residents only

Good luck ..   here’s a sneak peek of inside Vintage Made – Issue 4  xx

vintage made magazine

vintage Made Magazine

vintage Made Magazine

Vintage Made Magazine

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Nook Vintage – Vintage Shop Melbourne

vintage trail 2027_VINS_Web Ads-02


Nook Vintage Melbourne

Nook Vintage Fitzroy Melbourne

Nook Vintage – Image by Vintage Shops


Nook Vintage : Interview with Rachel, Owner of Nook Vintage

Hi Rachel, can you tell us about your store?

It is an eclectic mix of beautifully curated one off treasures.Each piece is fully restored from its former life. The store changes weekly with new country fresh stock and interesting curios. All our stock is recycled, up cycled and vintage inspired. We don’t do shiny !!!

What does your shop stock ?
We stock a real mixture from small cabinet treasures to huge industrial workbenches from the railways. We cover lighting, seating , tables, art and home wares. There is nothing we do not stock as long as it has a history and catches our eye.

The most unique item in store right now?
In our warehouse in North Fitzroy we have an amazing complete bookmakers shoe set with all cast iron feet and the actual tools. It’s rare indeed. I also love our beautiful big 3 metre hardwood workbench that came out of a Geelong railway. Has old stencilling and huge drawers that go all the way across.

Changes to Nook Vintage?
The biggest change for Nook Vintage is the exciting opening of our Warehouse in North Fitzroy.It has given us an amazing opportunity to style, hire and showcase our finds in a industrial environment with more space.We have had great support from the locals and our fan base on Facebook has grown as a result.

Up & coming events or exciting news to tell?
There is lots of exciting collaborations this year with amazing artisans and also media connections. That will mean more stunning bespoke creations and the media forums to launch them.

Social media links we can find you?
We have a strong following on Facebook and our Blog with current photos and details of store locations.There is a fantastic article on us by the fabulous Lucy of The Design Files on our warehouse opening.We also recently got voted one of ten best vintage furniture stores by Time Out Magazine.

Nook Vintage Melbourne

Nook Vintage – image by Vintage Shops


Nook Vintage Melbourne

Nook Vintage – image by Vintage Shops


Nook Vintage Melbourne

Nook Vintage – image by Vintage Shops


Nook Vintage Melbourne

Nook Vintage – image by Vintage Shops


Nook Vintage

258 Johnston Street, Fitzroy.

0417 187 196

Monday – Tuesday, 12pm – 5pm      Wednesday – Friday, 11am – 5pm

Saturday, 10am – 5pm     Sunday, 12pm – 5pm

    face book vintage shops           icon-blogger

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Vintage Shops Richmond Melbourne


vintage trail


Minettes Vintage

Image by Minettes Vintage

Vintage Trail – Vintage Shops Richmond Melbourne

Shop local, support small business; so often I hear those words which makes me wonder, how many of us really do support our local community. Often we have the best intentions, but in reality our busy lifestyles are taken over by convenience. The Vintage Trail is a new series of blog posts, focusing on vintage shopping categories and locations around Australia.

With Christmas on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to reacquaint yourself with local businesses and what’s happening in your area. As we introduce different locations, some of them may not be in your district, however, you can use our location search, which will point you in the right direction.

This week we explore vintage, antiques & retro in the Inner City suburb of
Richmond, Melbourne.

Richmond, is a suburb lying to the east of the Melbourne City Centre, located approximately 4km  from the heart of town. Richmond is most famously known for its popular shopping precinct Bridge Road. If you’re more like us and prefer something unique and individual, Richmond has plenty to offer! Check out our list of vintage shops, along with some local recommendations for great places to eat, galleries and bars….there’s so much more to Richmond.

 Vintage, antique and retro stores, Richmond has to offer;

Minettes Vintage

Minettes Vintage

Minettes Vintage

Minette’s Vintage

Minette’s Vintage opened its doors for the first time in December 2012. Minette’s offer a well curated selection of old furniture, toys, tools and curios. Vintage clothing, accessories and footwear and up-cycled jewellery. They also stock a beautiful range of vintage inspired stationery, cards and personal care to make it easy to treat yourself or someone special.
Hire service and Lay by both available.

374 Burnley Street, Richmond
(03) 9421 1884

Tuesday – Friday, 11am – 6pm   Saturday, 10am – 5pm   Sunday, 11am – 3pm

Minettes Vintage


Minettes Vintage         Minettes Vintage        Minettes Vintage

Minettes Vintage

Minettes Vintage


      Vintage Trail

More Vintage, Antique & Retro Shops located in Richmond;

Getting there

Richmond by Tram from Melbourne CBD:

Number 70 from Flinders Street to Swan Street
Number 109 from Collins Street to Victoria Street
Number 48 from Collins Street to Bridge Road
Number 75 from Flinders Street to Bridge Road

Richmond Melbourne


Other great reasons to visit Richmond

Whist you’re out and about, we thought we’d include some other great reasons to visit the area. What better way to discover some of the best kept secrets than to ask a local in the know.

A huge thank you  to Amy from Minette’s Vintage for these great recommendations.


Local recommendations . . .

Gypsey & Musquito café
Located on Bridge Rd, Gypsey & Musquito cafe is a gorgeous, eclecticly vintage styled café with indigenous ingredients worked through their amazing menu.

Tiki Bar
You certainly can’t go past Tiki bar round the corner on Swan street for a quiet cocktail in a dark corner with amazing décor, dance studio and occasional cool happenings such as silent reading parties.

Dizzy’s jazz club
Hot jazz on cool evenings or cool jazz on balmy nights is just across the road from Minette’s Vintage at Dizzy’s jazz club, with everything from local to big name internationals, great drinks and a lovely dinner menu.

Friends of Mine
The once a month high tea at Friends of Mine round the corner on Swan st is something else with table service, French fizz and macarons delivered en pointe by a sugar plum fairy! Amazing value at $45 (one glass of bubbles) or $65 (unlimited bubbles)

The Charles Nodrum gallery
The Charles Nodrum gallery on Church st is supposed to be excellent, but I have yet to get myself in there for a look-see, but it is on my hit list.

Since posting this blog i stumbled across this handy guide called Island State
Island State is a face book page about about Richmond locals and fans to celebrate all that’s special about this neighbourhood. .. click here for details


If you’re a vintage, antique or retro store located in Richmond and would like to be included in our free directory listing, complete the submissions form.

Next week we discover the wonderful world of Vintage Handbags and a list Australian Vintage Sellers.

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Strictly Vintage


Strickly Vintage

Proudly presented by Take 2 Markets and Circa Vintage Clothing.

Take 2 Markets and Circa Vintage Clothing have taken all the hard work out of finding the perfect vintage frock, skirt, outfit – whatever you need.

On Sunday 30th November you’ll find twenty of Melbourne’s finest vintage collectors & traders will be selling hundreds of vintage pieces from 1920s to 1980s – including Minette’s Vintage, Lady Divine Vintage Hats, Just What A Woman Needs and many more fab vintage specialists.

Nicole Jenkins will be launching her new book “Style is Eternal” on the day – she will have copies for sale and will happily sign your book too.

Don’t miss Nicole Jenkins’ talk on fashions from the 1930s which will be held at midday. It’s FREE with your $5 entry to Strictly Vintage.

The best vintage in Melbourne, at the best prices. All in the fabulous Northcote Town Hall, with a tram out the front and a train down the hill. It’s a great day out.

Strictly Vintage
Sunday 30th November
10am to 5pm
$5 entry
Northcote Town hall – High Street Northcote (top of Rucker’s Hill)
FB Event link

Strickly VintageStrictly Vintage



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Vintage Hat Sale

vintage hat sale

CatholicCare are having a Vintage Hat Sale this Saturday to raise money for homeless and at risk young people.
There are 100s of designer vintage hats to sell at great prices.
Come and pick up a glamourous hat for this racing season or a special occasion
All marked from $10 -$50

These designer hats were donated to CatholicCare and proceeds will support disadvantaged people in our community. This event is organised in collaboration with St Patrick’s Institute of Education students


Address:   2C West St, Lewisham
When:       25th October
Time:         10am – 2pm

Vintage Hat Flyer 2014 A4 - Print (3)


Vintage Hat

vintage hat

vintage hat


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The Vintage Collective Markets

The Vintage Collective Markets

Its on again.
The Vintage Collective markets explode into life once again – October 12th .
So many FREE activities to enter or just come for the amazing shipping or free wine tasting. Loads to see and do, plan you day with us. Over a 100 amzing vendors to browes through, Vintage caravans Australia start their Spring tpour with us and Miss Lady Lace will be showing you all the pin up pretties as well. And it’s all FREE. Get involved by heading to our website for more info or to enter one of our activities.
Remember it’s FREE.

When:October 12, 2014

Where: OAKOVER WINES   14 Yukich Close Middle Swan WA 6056

Cost: Free


Contact: Michelle K    Email

the vintage collective markets


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