Pinup Queen and Owner of A Vintage Day Out & Cape of Love

Duchess Di

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INTERVIEW – Duchess Di

Pinup Queen, and Owner of A Vintage Day Out & Cape of Love.

We speak to Di about her fascinating life, entering her first Pinup competition at the 50 and her two extraordinary businesses in Western Australia.

 How did you discover your love of Pinup ?

Dutchess Di: Listening to Mums Elvis records, admiring her photos from the 40s on, watching my parents jive & then later in my life meeting people who were like minded led to my love of pinup.

When did you enter your first Miss Pinup Australia contest?

Dutchess Di: I entered Miss Pinup Australia in 2013 at the age of 50. More girls were needed to enter for Western Australia to hold a state final, so I did it to help it happen. Best choice & I have loved every moment.


Dutchess Di - diane with miss pixie wa final 2014

Diane with miss pixie WA final 2014

Dutchess Di

*image – by Vintage Glamour Photography



How much preparation is involved?

Dutchess Di: Preparation starts from just before the entry photos are entered.In all about 6 months of sourcing true vintage clothing, music, learning  1950s hairstyles & make up. Then also getting the routines down pat for stage.

What do you love most about competing?

Dutchess Di: To me I never felt like I was competing, it was more about enjoying my passion with people from all walks of life from Australia wide & encouraging each other to be the best we can be no matter what our circumstances are. It was lovely to receive a sparkly tiara & sashes though.

Dutchess Di


Who/what inspires you most?

Dutchess Di: My inspiration is my mum. I’m so thankful for her love, calmness & guidance. Though she passed at 49 I was so lucky to have her around until my early adult life. It makes me thankful for life everyday.


You own two businesses. When & how did Cape of Love, your vintage hire company evolve?

Dutchess Di: Cape Of Love came about because of my vintage love. So I thought why not not share my treasures on a persons most important day, their wedding day. I love hiring the pieces I have as they all have a story to tell & then they get to have another story. I name my pieces after my aunts, nanas & friends.

Cape of Love



cape of love

*image Ange Wall Photography


What services does Cape of Love offer?

Dutchess Di: Cape Of Love offers vintage hire for weddings, events and motherly love by me.

You’ve recently started A Vintage day Out Shopping & Sightseeing Tours, how did this idea come about?

Dutchess Di: What better way to show tourists & locals the backyard I call Margaret River on my tours A Vintage Day Out. Being a local of over 20 years I love showing them the back roads, those quirky little shops, old halls, boutique wineries that little farm or just dropping into a hidden brewery they don’t know about. Iv’e always enjoyed when friends came to stay & showed them around so I thought I could do this for a living & get to enjoy my paradise every day whilst touring.

A Vintage Day Out

What can we expect when booking a tour?

Dutchess Di: You’ll be greeted with a smile, meet the locals, try our local gourmet foods in our picnic hampers & savour a glass of wine in our stunning landscapes.


A Vintage Day Out


A Vintage Day Out

*image Felicity Ford Photography


Can you tell us one of your favourite destinations and how can we book?

Dutchess Di: My favourite place is Witchcliffe.  I love the old buildings & it’s village feel. Like stepping back in time. You can book a tour at [email protected] or check us on face book A Vintage Day Out.

A Vintage Day Out

*image Felicity Ford Photography

A Vintage Day Out A Vintage Day Out

 A Vintage Day Out

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Cape of Love

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EMAIL – [email protected]

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