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I talk to Eva about her ever growing collection of vintage decor, original art, vintage fashion, accessories and antiques sourced from around the world. An Australian shopping destination to find unique and interesting items, open since 2010 …. Evaelena

Eva, please tell us about when, and how, your interest in vintage began?

Eva: I am a visual artist and I have always collected vintage homewares and clothes since I was a teenager. I was doing an art project on souvenirs and then I started making jewellery out of souvenir spoons and this was my first foray into selling online – then I cast my eye around the ever increasing collection of stuff in my home and started to sell it.

Is there a particular area that interests you most?

Eva: I am always drawn to the quirky, the well made and the historically interesting. I  love old frames and pictures- prints and paintings and sculpture as well as vintage fashion.







Are you a passionate collector, and if so, what do you collect?

Eva: I am passionate about vintage and antique in general because for me they are conduits to another time and culture, that I believe we can continue to learn from.  I have lots of 19th century blue china, way too many world globes, silver painted glass cordial sets and an ever increasing number of white urn vases from the 1960s (I think they are breeding) plus small metal figurines from cars and machines and picture frames- oh and too many vintage chemistry lab pieces- which makes my children’s friends think I run a meth lab.



*image Evaelena


You source products from overseas; where are some of the most interesting places you’ve travelled to, and why?

Eva: I love travelling – the best place I have been to was Antarctica- the incredible landscape – the wildlife and the adventures that come with getting up close to the wildlife – having penguins go to sleep on your foot is memorable.

Large rusty objects in an abandoned whaling station still haunt me – how can I get them home?

Cuba was a highlight because every street is a vintage vignette, Morocco for its colourful and rich markets, Tibet for its spectacular scenery and gentle people, and everything about Japan and Japanese culture.


Evaelena - Berlin

*image Evaelena – Market in Berlin



*image Evalena Copenhagen


Evaelena -shanghai Markets

*image Evaelena – Market in Shanghai


Evaelena -

*image Evaelena – Market in Nice


 What’s your most beloved treasure to date?  Where did you find it?

Eva: That’s hard – but I am very fond of a small hand carved rustic wooden frame with a painting on wood of a saint or angel- looks medieval and I found it in a market in a medieval village in the middle of Romania about 15 years ago.

You have two online stores; does each of these stores represent different types of products?

Eva: If there is anything different – etsy is for smaller things that can be shipped overseas. But there is a lot of overlap of things on both sites.






Would you ever consider your own online store?

Eva: I actually did open an Online store and got no sales nor the time to market it – I will persevere.

Evaelena logoBlog: http://evaelena-etsy.blogspot.com.au/

Etsy : www.etsy.com/shop/evaelena

Ebay:  http://stores.ebay.com.au/Evaelena-Vintage/Collectables

Face book: https://www.facebook.com/evaelena.vintage/timeline

Evaelena - Havana market

*image Evaelena – Market in Havana

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