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Tangerine and Teal

Australian and New Zealand Mid Century Specialists

Tangerine & Teal is the creation of sisters Vanessa and Sacha, who we were born, and grew up, in NZ in the 70’s. Sacha now lives in Sydney and Vanessa in Auckland. Both share a passion for mid-century modern, retro and vintage furniture, so together they formed Tangerine & Teal.

We talk to Sacha in Sydney about their business that was formed in 2013.

Tangerine and Teal

What era of mid century furniture do you specialize in?

Sasha: We specialize in furniture from the 50’s through to early 70’s, the style known as mid century modern. Most of our pieces are Australian or NZ made, although we also sell some Danish and English pieces we have sourced locally.

Can you tell us some distinguishing features of Australian Mid Century furniture that differ from European Mid century pieces?

Sasha: Some of our Australian and New Zealand designers were postwar European migrants who brought with them the European design style but used new materials, local woods such as Tasmanian blackwood, mahogany, kauri and new materials such as plywood and foam. Douglas Snelling’s chairs used the same synthetic webbing that had been used to make parachutes. Danish designers were a big influence as were the Americans  Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson.


Tangerine and Teal


What makers of Australian Mid Century will we find in your Sydney & NZ stores?

Sasha: Australian makers include Grant Featherston, Douglas Snelling, Fred Lowen, TH Brown, and Danish Deluxe. Chiswell, Berryman and our most popular maker Parker.

NZ designers include Don furniture, Backhouse, Jon Jansen, Otto Larsen and Danske Mobler. Some Australian designs were also made under licence in NZ, such as Fler and Parker.

Tangerine and Teal

If we’re just starting collecting and want to buy an investment piece, what advice could you give?

Sasha: Firstly it has to be a piece that you love the look of, do lots of research on the Internet to check the price and confirm maker. As an investment a piece in mint original condition is worth more than a refurbished piece.

Can you tell us some of the lesser-known Australian MC Designers that would make great future investments?

Sasha: It is still possible to get some great inexpensive well-made Australian pieces by Fler furniture (designed by Fred Lowen) Douglas Snelling and Danish deluxe. Harder to find but also great is Hayson Furniture desks and bedsides.

Tangerine and Teal Fred Lowen arm chairs

Tangerine and Teal Fred Lowen arm chairs


Tangerine and Teal

If you could own any iconic piece of MC furniture, what would that be?

Sasha: I am coveting an Australian Grant Featherston designed scape armchair; I have a set of his scape dining chairs in my 50’s beach house and would love the armchair to go in my collection.

Vanessa is coveting a NZ made Otto Larsen sideboard in mahogany, which are very rare.

Any hints or tips to be aware of when buying MC furniture?

Sasha: Research prices, Google similar pieces and see what they are selling for, ask if there is a makers sticker or stamp, enquire as to if there has been any restorations done and the condition of the piece.  If buying online ask for lots of pictures, inspect if possible.

Tangerine & Teal

Tangerine and Teal

If we wanted to learn more about MC furniture, which books or websites would you could recommend?

Sasha: I’m a huge fan of Instagram and Pinterest so many fabulous traders to follow and learn from.

Reference books I can recommend

Mid-Century Modern – Australian Furniture Design

Fred Lowen : Dunera Boy, Furniture designer, artist

Modern: Jeremy Hansen (NZ homes from 1938-1977)


Beside furniture, what other Mid Century collectables can we find in your stores?

Sasha: We sell some mid century ceramics, new lampshades made with vintage fabric and an assortment of new cushions to compliment our furniture pieces.

Tangerine & Teal

Do you offer any other services, or workshops?

Sasha: We run a monthly lampshade-making workshop in collaboration with Bay Vintage Fabrics. We also offer a restoration service for your pieces that may need some love.

Tangerine and Teal lampshade workshops

Tangerine and Teal lampshade classes

Where can we find you?

Sasha: We are predominantly an online business so you can see our photos of pieces on our website, facebook page or Instagram

I open the Sydney warehouse/workshop for viewings on Wednesday and Saturday 11-2pm or by appointment.

NZ is online and by appointment only

Tangerine and Teal





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