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Shopping for vintage clothing online .. some helpful hints and tips from an expert.

Written by Guest Blogger
Lisa Enright, Owner of Atomic Martini Vintage


Lisa Enright - Atomic Martini Vintage

Lisa Enright – Atomic Martini Vintage


To bid or not to bid – is that the question?

Buying clothes can be a maze of sizes, cuts, colours and fabric. Buying vintage clothes can turn that maze into a labyrinth. Buying clothes online adds booby-traps to the maze. Buying vintage clothes online and you step into a minefield!

Atomic Martini Vintage

*image Atomic martini Vintage


Here are a few key things that most of us who have bought and sold vintage online agree are good tips!

1)     Purchase from a reputable professional seller.

2)     Know your measurements (in inches & centimeters). This may sound simple but lots of us get it wrong. The easiest way to know if a garment will fit you is to measure an item that you have in a similar style (make sure it is not made of stretch fabric). Turn your garment inside out and measure from seam to seam. Then get a friend to measure your body; shoulder width, bust, waist, hips and if you are like me and a little “pear-shaped”, the widest part of your thighs.

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3)    NEVER go by “fits a modern size 10” or “size medium”, etc. – if the seller has not provided measurements, then ask. Be specific about what you wish to know – e.g. width across shoulders from seam to seam, width of sleeve, etc. If you are still not certain ask the seller to turn the garment inside out, lay a tape measure across it and send you a photograph.

4)     Don’t impulse buy. Do your homework – check around for items similar to the thing that you are looking at. You never know what you might find.

5)     Check the description carefully before you buy, including the return policy. Contact the seller immediately if the item is not as described – most sellers are keen to sort out any issues.

Atomic Martini Vintage


6)     Remember, nothing really replaces the feeling and fun of going into a shop, talking with a knowledgeable professional and playing dress-ups!

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Thank you to Lisa from Atomic Martini Vintage.

Lisa is a respected store owner and vintage clothes seller.
She’s is a wealth of knowledge and her expertise on the subject of Vintage Clothing is phenomenal. Lisa recently closed her Clayfield store and can now be found at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre

Atomic Martini Vintage

*image Atomic Martini Vintage

Atomic martini Vintage

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