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Bleecker Street:  Interview with Jason

VSA: How did Bleecker Street Vintage evolve?

Jason: My business was not always called Bleecker Street Vintage. In fact, this is actually my second business. Before Bleecker Street Vintage, I was in partnership with a friend under the name of Audrey Scarlett Vintage at Bleecker Street. We had such a long name for the simple reason, if we found we were not compatible on a business level, then when the business dissolved, we would have a name each to take away with us.

Recently, I have changed the name to Bleecker Street, as it’s not just a vintage shop. There is also new & vintage homewares, plus artisan made bedding. I have found many vintage stores of late to be expanding beyond purely vintage, but keeping the essence of vintage.

bleecker street

VSA: When did you first start trading?

Jason: My shop officially opened at South Melbourne on October 12 2012. So Bleecker Street has been open in it’s current form for over a year now.

VSA: When visiting Bleecker Street Vintage – what fabulous items might we find in your store?

Jason: I like to showcase products from different parts of the world. In the first half of last year, I focused on dresses from Paris, then in the second half Japan. From around June I hope to have vintages dresses from Italy.

Bleecker Street

VSA: What makes your business standout from others?

Jason: 2013 and 2014 has been really exciting, as I have put my pattern making skills to good use and have been developing my own range of clothes inspired from vintage. 2013 was spent in development and this year will be (fingers crossed) spent in production. It’s still early days and production has it’s own set of challenges which I have been encountering this year and it’s only February.

I have another idea, which I would like to share for the first time. If I can get the price right, then I hope to donate a portion of money made from the vintage inspired dresses to charity as I feel it’s important to give back and help others. As for a nominated charity, well I’m not sure yet. I was thinking asking my customers which charity they prefer.

bleecker Street

Bleecker Street

VSA: Is there a particular vintage era you like? And why?

Jason: 1950’s and 60’s are my favourite silhouettes as those shapes are very flattering.

VSA: Do you sell items online or can we purchase from your store only?

Jason: At the moment, vintage clothes can only be purchased in store. I find it a struggle to put things online as vintage sells out quickly.

bleecker street

VSA: Tell us some of your favourite vintage shops in Australia (beside your own)

Jason: Audrey Scarlett  is a favourite as the owner, Catherine Fraser, specialises in high end vintage from the 20’s to the 60’s. She is also very exclusive and only does specialised fairs and events.

VSA: What is your favourite vintage item in store right now?

Jason: I think a photo is the best way to show my favourites. I’m sure this dress won’t be in store for much longer. I love it!

bleecker streetBleecker Street


VSA: Where can we find you and what are your trading hours?

Jason: My shop is located at SO:ME Space, South Melbourne Market which is about 10min by tram from the city. However, if you come by car, then there is roof top parking.

Bleecker Street

SO:ME Space, South Melbourne Market

Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday  8am-4pm

Friday 8am – 5pm

Online Store


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