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Meet Gabrielle, our Vintage Shops blog contributor from Melbourne.

Gabrielle Delacour

‘Vintage enthusiast with a penchant for fur.

The constant search for the perfect bob.

1930’s aficiando in blue velvet.

gabby drama of exile


Gabrielle Delacour is a vintage and antiques collector, enthusiast and lover of all things yesteryear. Hailing from Brisbane, Queensland, she studied fashion design at MSIT before escaping the heat and moving to the much more fur-friendly city of Melbourne, Victoria, where she undertook studies in millinery under the guidance of Richard Nylon. Since then the has decided to focus on collecting vintage, turning a hobby into a lifestyle and a passion into a living.’


Gabrielle will be featuring a  blog contribution on our VSA web site, interviewing one of her favorite Melbourne vintage stores, ” Clara Fox “.

While waiting  for Gabby’s post, follow her blog  ” Drama of Exile “

dramaofexile blog

drama of exile

Facebook Page


Welcome aboard Gabby …

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