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Antiques to Retro

Vintage Shop Interview with Mr Robin Cooper

  • How long have you been dealing in Vintage, Retro & Antique goods?

I have been in the trade for over 30 years now. Over that time our business has changed & evolved. I started as a small eclectic shop & we have grown into a large, two level business, including an art gallery & showrooms.


  • When did ‘Antiques to Retro’ first start trading in Hobart?

The first shop was in Harrington St, Hobart in 1982. It was named ‘Harrington Decor’. We’ve had a few name changes along the way. In 2010 the name was changed to ‘Antiques to Retro’.


Antiques to Retro Shop interior

  • Tell us about your areas of expertise. Is there a particular vintage period that’s a favorite; one that we could come to you for advice?

Honestly, its so hard to pick only one. I love the Arts and Crafts movement, the Art Deco era & Mid-century Modern Furniture. But like most collectors, I have very eclectic taste. As of my expertise; I would say Arts & Crafts. We have been listed by Judith Miller, as one of the top places to go for Arts & Crafts. ( Listed as a previous name : Bathurst St Antique Centre )


  •  As we are particularly interested in the Vintage & Retro side of your business, why do you think there has been such a strong resurgence in this era?

I think it may be some nostalgia. But mostly people are starting to appreciate the style of the 1960’s & 70’s designs. It suits modern architecture & interiors. It is affordable & from an era of well designed & well made furniture.


Antiques to Retro


  •  When visiting ‘Antiques to Retro’, what fabulous items might retro lovers and collectors find amongst your store?

Our main focus is on furniture. I particularly love the Danish style; brands such as Fler, Chiswell, Tessa, Parker & Modern Tone. We also stock vintage homewares, West German vases, vintage clothing & accessories, advertising signs, prints, glass, vintage radio’s, records, etc.

  •  Is your store owned and stocked by yourself?

Our store is a family owned & run business. We have a very small percentage of items on consignment & the rest is stocked by ourselves.

  • You had previously mentioned an Art Gallery – Can you tell us a bit about that?

We have always had Art in our store. We previously had an art gallery upstairs & we have just started a renovation to increase space for the gallery and a showroom. We have primarily Australian 20th Century art, with a focus on Tasmanian Arts.

  • Aside from your retail store, do  you have a website address?

We have a website –, where we showcase a selection of items from the store. If there is a piece online that you would like to purchase, we can arrange it by email or over the phone.

Antiques to Retro

  • What are some of your favorite vintage shops in Australia (beside your own)?

Vampt Vintage Designs – Sydney, Chapel St Bazaar – Prahran, Melbourne, The Junk company – Melbourne, Design Addict 20th century – Prahan, Melbourne .

  • As such an established trader and ‘old school retailer’ do you see yourself in the future setting up an online store?

Not in the near future. We see ourselves as a traditional retailer, with an increasing online presence.


outside shop Antiques to Retro


  • Where can we find you, and what are your trading hours ?

You can find us at 128 Bathurst St, Hobart  or

Opening Hours:

Monday  – Friday  11am – 4pm

Saturday – 10am – 4pm

And don’t forget to visit their face book page,


Thanks so much Suzie & Robin



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